Time: 1217 PM Tue April 27, 2021 Forecaster: Brad Simmons

Flash Flood Prediction Program


We have determined that low impact flooding is likely in Adams County
from: Current to 230 PM.
Prime time for flooding: Current to 200 PM.
Forecast rainfall: Weak/moderate and briefly thunderstorms will have the potential to produce 0.4-0.9" of rain in 10-30 minutes. Up to 1.4" of heavy rain is possible if multiple thunderstorm cells train over the same location.
The most likely areas to be impacted by flooding are:

X Urban streams/gulches; road crossings; recreational trails; adjacent open space areas/campgrounds/parks; floodplain properties; utilities

X Urban streets, intersections, low lying areas, known trouble spots

Additional Information: Excessive runoff is imminent or already occurring over portions of Adams County from a N to S oriented line from just E of DIA and just W of Bennett. Strong/severe thunderstorms may produce more hail than rainfall and could also produce accumulating hail that could clog drainages.

This message is not intended for public dissemination. Please pass this information along to affected emergency response organizations (police, fire, public works, etc.) within your area.

Also, please take appropriate actions to prepare for possible flooding.

Further information will be provided to you as it becomes available.